Camie Scott

 About Studio 11:11

The story of Studio Eleven Eleven..
the humble abode. the creative lab. the studio.
Studio Eleven Eleven is a full-time creative salon and small business located in the heart of Dallas, TX. Wondering where the name came from? Make a wish.

 About Camie Scott

In a land far, far away..
Lived a creative young girl named Camie. An abstract painter, maker and a hairstylist for 9 years. As an artist in front of the canvas, I enjoy working with various mediums and textures. As an artist behind the chair, I gravitate towards color and balayage, or free-hand, painting. The ability to turn hair into art is one of the many reasons I walk down this path.
Measures of the Moon - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Camie Scott

Measures of the Moon

From $218.75
Beneath Her Petals - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Camie Scott

Beneath Her Petals

From $233.33