Artistic Transfer has now featured dozens of artists in Dallas Style & Design, a quarterly publication and one of the leading design magazines covering the Dallas-Fort Worth areas.


Every issue has an inside look into some of the most stunning luxury homes designed, built and decorated by the state’s leadings architects, builders and interior designers.
Rather than using commercial free photography to stage our artists work in ads, we’ve created a forward thinking way to cross promote industry leaders. We’re offering a complimentary publishing opportunity if they buy an artist original or limited edition to showcase our artists in finished projects. We will allocate this major buyer opportunity for the 2021 spring summer and fall issues for Dallas Style & Design to impress clients and attract more continuous business incentives in return. Artistic Transfer has created all advertisements thus far and is willing to do project photography for special projects.

Our design-centric editorial also showcases the leaders in furniture and home décor. Dallas Style & Design will be a one-stop resource for all your home design needs.
Dallas Style & Design can be found in all 630 Barnes & Noble nationwide, as well as fine grocery newsstands like Whole Foods, Central Market, Kroger and many more. The web site offers current and archived stories.
It is our mission to provide editorial excellence in the coverage of luxury home design.

Dallas Style & Design Publications by Artistic Transfer, LLC


CONGRATULATIONS to the artists we published in Dallas Style & Design!! Your art collections are incredible! We've worked very hard to land a major magazine opportunity and are extremely proud of the artists who have worked closely with us over the last year or two. It is an honor to promote all our artists work and we look forward to selecting artists for the future publications coming out in 2021!! Thank you to the Dallas Style & Design for this opportunity! More seasonal issues to come! Originals and Limited Editions are available at our showroom in the Dallas World Trade Center! Schedule an appointment to visit our facilities!