Collection: LOBO ART


Laura a.k.a. LOBO ART has always had an innate gift and passion for art. Growing up within a family of creative business professionals and an award-winning interior designer, Christy, she has adopted a keen business acumen and initiative as a self-taught artist. 

As LOBO ART has progressed perfecting different paint mediums to produce a dynamic range parallel to great prolific masters in art, she has evolved her skills quicker to achieve a vision greater beyond her wildest imagination.

Daring to discover a passion for what countries around the world have created and explore more of what the world has to offer beyond her hometown, Kansas City, Missouri, Laura graduated with a Hospitality Management degree with minors in Business and Art History. 

With a sense of wanderlust, LOBO has been fortunate to visit five star resorts around the world, dozens of national parks and botanical gardens to engulf her blossoming artistic senses and abilities. Throughout each of these unique destinations, LOBO has acquired something priceless - perspective.

With the creative capacity to virtually create any art genre and style, LOBO’s brush has been guided mostly towards a special fondness - nature inspired abstract art. It is best described that here is where her soul experiences true emotional freedom when staring at a blank canvas and of course keeps her overwhelmed in the studio meeting the high demand from a majority of her custom commissions. 

In lieu of LOBO’s globetrotting, she has managed to maintain strong friendships from around the world only to build an incredible network of growing referrals and a global collector base! As a result of staying in touch and celebrating the successes of others, within the last 8 years, she has proved naysayers wrong and prevailed over the “starving artist” statistic! Now as a thriving professional full time artist, she is setting her sails to Dallas which is home to one of the largest interior design communities in the world. 

If there is one piece of advice Laura has learned becoming a thriving full time artist, it is to aspire to become a professional friend. Knowing the importance of relationship building, working with major commercial brands sourcing fine art for their business has become second nature. Similar to a business consultant, there is an enormous amount of pressure to be a know-it-all or have all the answers. Whether LOBO ART is working with a piece of fabric, a pillow, color chips etc, she can create a personalized piece corporate collections would love greeting employees everyday and welcoming clients into the space before the receptionist has a chance to say a warm and friendly hello. 

Learn more about how you can become a collector or a part of LOBO loyalty’s growing list of private and commercial collectors. some of which have professed they ONLY collect LOBO ART in their private residences. Gotta love LOBO loyalty! 

Written by: Lillian Powell - Artistic Transfer, LLC