Journey through our Signature Special Edition process.

We've become art dealers on steroids in helping interior designers or art collectors. Finding the perfect piece could take a few minutes to a few months, however, the passionate team at Artistic Transfer has evolved into the ultimate art source to expedite the search.

Let us help you find or co-create museum quality fine art you'll fall in love with.

In an effort to create more opportunities selling our artists work and giving buyers something truly unique and special, we can customize or digitally redesign (mostly any) art in our catalog into "special" limited editions.

Now you can collect custom art that is wall worthy.

Special Edition Types

Listed in the tabs below are examples of our six signature special edition techniques we've used to move art off the wall and out the door:

Special Edition Resizing Solutions

The #1 problem finding art for the best walls in a residential or commerical space is usually one sized right to fill the wall appropriately.

Browse our catalog with our resizing solution in mind as we can modify the original size to best fit landscape, portrait, panoramic, or square wall orientations.

Limited Edtion Size Understanding

Traditionally, three print sizes are pre-determined before the printed edition starts and cannot be changed once it has begun.

After consulting fine art lawyers to allow collectors the flexibility to choose whatever size they wish and not limit artist royalties, we adjusted our Certificates of Authenticy to put our collectors on notice.

Now as of 2022, most of our artist's limited editions/special editions are structured with a set edition number to be printed in each medium and NOT in each size (canvas • acrylic • metal • paper) (Example: 1/150 totalling 600).

Any ratio size modifications would be considered part of the special edition series (Example: landscape 60x48 modified to square 48x48).  

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Available Sizes

Print on Demand • Limited Edition/Special Edition • Original Commission Sizes:

  • Canvas prints and reproductions - up to 10 feet
    • Stretched canvas can be ordered at 114" inches / 9.5' feet
    • Oversized canvas prints should be framed or gallery wrapped on 2" stretcher bars.
  • Acrylic (plexi) and metal orders - maximum sizes are 8' x 4' foot sheets
    • Both mediums can be cut into unique custom shapes
  • Original canvas commissions can be ordered up to 12' feet (subtract 6-8" inches for gallery wrap)

1st Example:

Original Art Reference: Rebecca Pelley McWatters "Closer To Love" 60x48 | Original Available

"Closer To Love" resonates with a lot of people. We get requests to make this panoramic every so often.

2nd Example:

Original Art Reference | Stephanie C McLerran "Mountain Blue Stream"

Request to see this art in square ratio.

3rd Example:

Original Art Reference: Judy Mason Eldridge

OakHeights dental office contacted us with a need for art in their lobby within 48 hours for their grand opening. We not only helped them pick out a piece in time that the whole office could agreed on, but through our special edition process we were able to change the colors and split the image up into a triptych to cover the wall beautifully and enhance the visual impact of the original design.

Special Note: We can break up an image to make panels for dipychs and so on to cover a larger wall or create a more dramatic design

We can't always perform Christmas miracles like this, but will sure try for every future project coming our way!

Original Art Reference | Melia Wright "Tidal Wave" 36x24 | Original Available.

Image above is the art originally ordered online that was too small.

Color Change Special Edition Options:

Give us any color or combination of colors you want and we'll begin curating, sourcing, or creating art to match the specified design scheme.  

Once we find an art piece or workable composition, we can start the special edition process and send samples back and forth for approval.  

We are grateful for all art sourcing opportunities and the artists who give us the autonomy to make minor or major alterations to help sell their art. Whether it takes 1 minute to 1 hour, our commitment to adjusting the colors to the clients satisfaction is part of the fun and fast design process we want our art buyers to enjoy.

1st Example:

Original Art Reference: Cheyenne Gallion "Free Flow" Special Edition Design With Pantone Color Of The Year 2022

Swipe right for alternate special edition created.

2nd Example:

Original Art Reference | LOBO ART “Namaste” 48x60 | Original Sold.

Swipe right for close up of detail.

Square special edition version.

3rd Example:

Original Art Reference: Amber McNeel "Salvador Dali"

Gold leaf sample:

Special Edition Options:

Option A: Our skilled art designers show you what digitally added Gold, Silver or Copper Leaf looks like on any artwork.

Option B: Pay 20%-35% more for an embellished edition where the artist can add paint texture and/or gold foil to the painting which increases the uniqueness and value of your art purchase.

Option C. Sometimes seeing the special edition could inspire collectors to commission an original instead. It’s well worth the wait if you have the time and budget for original custom made art.

1st Example:

Original Art Reference | Tracey Jacobson "Agave" 48x60 | Original Available.

Close up of gold leaf added.

2nd Example:

Original Art Reference: Julia Ross "Finding The Light II".

Gold leaf sample:

3rd Example:

Original Art Reference: Shraddha Dharia "Garden Bloom"

Close up of gold paint texture added.

Special Edition Background Change:

1st Example:

Original Art Reference: Deborah Cooper "Sacred Traveler" 40x30 | Original Available.

We've received many graffiti requests and have redesigned numerous pieces of art to help give clients options.

2nd Example:

Original Art Reference | Melanie Osborn "Poppies"

Contact us directly to order this special edition!

3rd Example:

Original Art Reference: Susie Monzingo "Coming Home"

1st Example | Subject Added:

Original Art Reference: Julia Ross "Swiftly Flowing" 48x48

Open Sourced Image

2nd Example | Subject Deleted & Added To Another Painting:

Original Art Reference | Robin Ingle "Refreshing Moments"

We teleported the ponies from painting to painting!

We made it easier for an interior designer to find the perfect landscape painting for her client who had too many horse paintings (if there is such a thing).

  1. We digitally removed the horses from one painting.
  2. Asked Robin if she had any other landscapes available.
  3. Robin sent us the 2nd one she had just finished.
  4. We sent the new artwork to the designer to show her client.
  5. They requested if we could add the horses from the 1st painting to the 2nd one!

3rd Example:

Original Art Reference: Melia Wright "Breaking The Barrier" 30x40 | Original Available.

We sourced and customized this beautful flower to specially add to this abstract artwork piece.

1st Example:

Original Art Reference: Fran Di Giacomo "Magnolia With Cockscomb" 36x48 | Original Available.

Transitional art is a big trend among art buyers (art mixed with both traditional and modern elements). Renowned still life artist, Fran Di Giacomo was a big source of inspiration to create new special edition versions to help generate art sales.

Fran has always invested time to come paint live at a multitude of our events despite battling cancer and undergoing several surgeries. She is an incredible women, author, speaker and fine artist. We are fortunate to represent her and greatly appreciate the autonomy she’s given us to redesign her art for the modern collector.

2nd Example | Artist Remix:

Original Art References: Lynn Freed "Glory"

Karen Dodson "Through The Haze" 48x48 | Original Available.

3rd Example:

Before and After

Interior Designer, David Call wanted a 48x60 painting of Jesus Christ for his client’s entry way. We sourced the image, edited the background and had internationally known impressionist artist, Henrietta Milan add brushstrokes and painted texture.

Collection: Special Editions