Collection: Julia Ross

Artist Information on Artwork & Exhibitions: Julia Ross works with art mediums of encaustic and acrylic, and mixed media on large canvas, canvas board and acrylic board.  Fine Art Paintings and Sculptures include encaustic, acrylic, metal, and resin encased gallium.  
Drops of encaustic wax and paint begin the process which extends to the canvas and defines an artistic view of landscapes, water, sea life and the ever changing climate. Layers of transparent color and metallic elements combine to relay a calm strength inherent in both the subject matter and artwork of this artist. 


Born to a family of artists, painters, poets and sculptors, my happiest memories involve creative works of art. Inspired to build a career in the arts, I studied Fine Arts at The University of Texas, ventured into advertising to build digital brands online. I ran a traditional advertising agency in my 20’s, then began digital advertising agency in my 30’s and embraced the creative aspects of the business to expand my artwork from traditional mediums to experiment with encaustic and mixed media. Today, I spend most days finding ways to give back through works of art.  Each art series is created for the purpose of inspiring others and providing a channel for the education of causes and to give back for social good.  I am working on three series of paintings and sculptures:  OCEANS Series assists Ocean Conservancy to conserve the oceans. FULL TRANSPARENCY art series of encaustic, acrylic and ink paintings features images of silence through transparent colors to display a calm during the rush.   OFF the GRID series of artwork offers a safe haven where we can reconnect with ourselves after being disconnected for so long. The paintings and sculptures allow us to find peace in a world in which everything is fast-paced. 


The University of Texas, Austin - Fine Arts International Award Camelback Gallery Flower Competition 2018 Best In Show Fresh Cut  48X60 Acrylic on Canvas Fresh Cut - 48×60" Acrylic on Canvas  Original large scale abstract artwork on linen gallery wrapped canvas  Roses delivered to celebrate the good and alternate with all intentions of blooming. Fresh cut from the bush, the mature rose with thorns and tethered leaves, full of transparent beauty, a delicate balance between life and death. Wounds heal and the beauty of the rose is everlasting.



Under Water - Benefit Ocean Conservancy Summer 2019

Art of Design - Benefit Water is Basic Spring 2019

Pure LOVE - Benefit American Heart Association 2019

Artists Benefit Ocean Conservancy Spring 2018

Artists Benefit Hurricane Harvey Fall 2017 Less


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Skypony Gallery Plano 2021

Art Gallery Inc Curator of Women Exhibit 2020

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Art Expo New York Fall 2020

Art Santa Fe Summer 2020

Superfine San Francisco Winter 2020

Spectrum Miami Winter 2019

Art San Diego Fall 2019

The Other Art Fair Dallas Fall 2019

Duality - Gallery 440 Exhibit Summer 2019

Art of Design - Art Gallery Pure Exhibit Spring 2019

Self Realization Exhibit Gallery 440 Spring 2019 

Pure LOVE - Benefit American Heart Association 2019

Oceans Exhibit Gallery 440 Summer 2018

OCEANS Exhibit Art Gallery Pure Spring 2018

Art Gallery Pure - The Art of Giving, 2017

Faulconer Productions Benefit SparkTank, 2017

Rostin Ventures National Coalition for Homeless, 2016