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Create rich interiors and atmosphere with our catalog of represented art and artists. Creative support art services include: originals, reproductions, large-scale projects, 3-D installations and murals. Our artists can paint on-site or images can be printed to canvas and installed like wallpaper for minimal impact to substrates. We can laminate and illuminate images on acrylic panels to enhance its presentation. Museum exhibit directors and set designers can rely on our artists to bring their visions to life.

Corporations, hotels, hospitals and large institutions have unique visual art needs. Whether it is one of our artists, or yours, we can provide reproductions in singles or large volume multiples with consistency in quality, color and detail. Experienced Artistic Transfer, LLC consultants work with vetted artists to help with submitting requests for proposals and presentations to your board. We serve as a liaison between artists and clients to keep your projects on-time and on-track with the highest degree of professionalism.

Photo: ASID, IDS, IIDA, TAID workshops held regularly throughout year for industry professionals.

Artistic Transfer was built based on the original idea to help artists capitalize on their creativity through selling larger originals and stunning reproductions. After years of acquiring so many fine art images from artists around the world, the founders evolved the company into the publishing sphere to find uncharted art procurement opportunities and source other vertical market projects considering art.

Many brainstorming sessions later listening to what our artist's needs are, we continued our investigation on how we can provide more resources and add more value to their catalogue raisonné. For instance, artist signatures are not always easy to read, so our production team issues the certificate of authenticity plus adds artists provenance on the back of every giclée so if collectors sell or deed down the art, future inheritors can easily check the back of the art. Furthermore, to keep our artists in compliance with fine art laws and protect buyers, we created an advanced security chip infused in the art that registers the collector information and art provenance in a national database.

Why you should work with us for your next residential and commercial project:

We specialize in serving the high-end fine art reproduction market with the latest technology and printing support services. Our full service powerhouse facility brings the latest technology to our artists, photographers, publishers, and commercial sectors.

Made In USA

Browse artwork from over 150 established artists, all produced from our Dallas, TX facility. We've got you and all your walls covered for projects ranging from small hallways to big panoramic walls and soaring ceilings.

Fast Turnaround Times

Standard delivery is within 1-2 weeks with rush options available. Be sure to contact us directly to make sure your deadline is met!

Full Customization

We love creative challenges and opportunities! Consult our in house design staff to see your vision come to life. We also specialize in oversized artwork not offered by most publishers. The bigger the better!

Price Range

Artwork to fit every budget. From premium extras to cost effective options that don’t compromise on quality, our team can offer a variety of artistic solutions to suit your needs.

Delivery & Installation

Able to ship both domestic and international. Local delivery and installation services available in the DFW metroplex. See if you qualify for a complimentary installation!

Returns & Exchanges

Love it or leave it! Hassle free exchanges happily accepted within 30 days of purchase. Ask about our free print samples to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the color and quality.

Services | What makes us uniquely different?

Fine Art Image Capture

Our proprietary system is considered one of the most sophisticated and unique approaches in the world. Our methodologies can capture every color under the sun as well as the digital DNA of the original artwork.

Traditional image capture limitations and color management printing challenges that have plagued the industry for decades. Our use of Hasselblad technology breaks down RGB pixels to achieve clarity and color fidelity to enlarge original print size 10x or more without loss of resolution.

Our technology has addressed and perfected the myriad of complex issues and has provided clone-like consistency in reproductions. Minimizing color management and profiling, we provide a solution that ensures the highest level of color fidelity and 3D texture retention.

Schedule an appointment to experience the amazing results of our fine art photography skills and printing methods.

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Custom Printing | Stretching & Framing

We offer the ultimate in photographic printing capabilities that are unrivaled in the industry utilizing only museum-grade materials for Fine Art, Interior Design and Corporate Décor Printing. Our ability to print on both high quality and large scale materials will meet the needs of the most demanding projects for artists, photographers, galleries, collectors and publishers who have applauded the quality and detail with four elements in mind for personal or professional applications:

Value | Longevity | Quality | Consistency

  • Proven Print Permanence - Long-term protected exposure printing on museum-grade materials using 11 Archival Inks lasting over 200 years - (Tested by Wilhelm Labs)
  • Color accuracy - Precision Core Imaging Technology prints the full gamut of the Pantone color spectrum
  • Unlimited Framing Styles | Click Here to see over 100 framing options - thousands more available upon request. View more in showroom.

Contact us about your next project! 512-253-4421.

Wall Covering & Wallpaper

When it comes to your walls, our art + design professionals are here to help you decorate 100% of the way. As one of the premier fine art publishing and production houses known worldwide for providing superior resolution and color accuracy from our image capture capabilities (professional art photography), our renowned large scale giclée printmaking has continuously evolved in providing exibility.

After decades of accepting new creative challenges, implementing the highest standards in quality control and fulfillment, we have expanded and acquired exciting printmaking projects. Now we’re proudly producing powerful wall covering results with the best technology.

Click Here to view our wallpaper examples.

Artist Provenance & Buyer Protection & Security

We have developed advanced methods of provenance to secure buyer registration backed up by a national database in addition to the following:

  • Digital security features
  • Physical security features
  • Licensed use of images
  • RFP submissions
  • Legal certificates
  • Copyright

Publishing & Marketing

Artistic Transfer, LLC always has something exciting going on! When we're not participating in a variety of events hosted by Dallas Market Center 5 of 7 months out of the year, we also have a series of workshops and events for industry professionals. Wholesale buyers can catch us during normal business hours or register to attend the following events:

  • Total Home & Gift Market premier destination event for connecting retailers and manufacturers in home décor, gifts, gourmet, housewares, lighting and more!
  • 1st Monday and Tuesday | Between major Markets many Dallas Market Center showrooms are open for business during Mini-Markets, held on the first Monday and Tuesday of most months.
  • Apparel & Accessories Markets | Thousands of emerging and established wholesale women’s apparel, fashion accessories, footwear, beauty and wellness product lines across dozens of categories.
  • Dallas Design Week | Join leading designers, influencers, and trend experts for a week of educational and networking opportunities exclusively for the design community.

*Dallas Market Center events are exclusive to licensed wholesale buyers; not the general public. To qualify as a buyer, you'll need to click here to fill out an application and provide your qualifying documents.  

  • Artist representation
  • International marketing strategies
  • Marketing consultations
  • Artist marketing promotional materials
  • Upcoming gallery shows
  • Artist showcase events & exhibitions

Art Sourcing & Curation 

Finding the perfect art pieces to match your project is easy with Artistic Transfer, LLC. Our extensive capabilities and network of over 150 artists of various styles and ranges ensure that we can tailor fit art to your space. Whether you're a discerning buyer who knows what they want, or searching for art on behalf of a client, we can expedite your search. Instead of sifting through countless images to find the right subject matter, color palette, or style, our experts can help you find art that exceeds your expectations and pushes the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

Depending on your timeline and budget, we could explore:

  1. Originals (what we have in/out of showroom inventory)
  2. Commissions (custom artwork created from one of our artists)
  3. Embellished Giclées (overpainted limited edition canvas prints)
  4. Print Limited Editions
  5. Print On Demand (Canvas • Acrylic • Metal • Paper)

Call us today if you'd like one of our artists to commission original art or our art designers custom create something spectacular.

Virtual Staging

Want to see how an art piece looks in your space before purchasing it? Start your wishlist and pick out any art (original or limited edition) from our catalog and our photoshop gurus can show you how the original size will look or recommend the perfect size for a limited edition.

Click Here for us to virtually stage art from our catalog or upload images of your own you want printed.

Special Edition Designs

"Special Editions" often refers to limited edition or unique versions of an artwork that are produced in limited quantities, and may have special features such as unique materials or custom framing. These editions are often highly collectible and may have a higher value than open editions or reproductions.

Click Here to see some examples of what our art designers can do for you.

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Special Instructions: To come visit us, please call or email ahead and bring a valid drivers license for us to give you a badge for access inside the World Trade Center of Dallas!


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Our mission is to redefine the Fine Art standards and advance our technological breakthroughs for artist giclées with on-going research and a continuous selection for the best materials. Encourage art conscious decisions for new and existing art collectors around the globe. Offer superior investment advantages to enjoy art appreciation, longevity, provenance, and value for generations to come.

NOTE: All prices and services are subject to change without prior notice.


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