During this time of crisis under the COVID-19 pandemic, Artistic Transfer  is putting all of its efforts into ensuring the well-being of our artists and buyers. To our artists who have staked their livelihoods pursuing careers based on their lifelong talents, the loss of income can be irreparable.

To help during these difficult times, Artistic Transfer is offering deeply discounted services and supplies and is also actively finding new avenues to stabilize our artists' income. 

If you or anyone you know are uncertain how you can sustain your artistic careers during this time, please reach out to us to see if you are eligible for any of our new assistance programs.

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 I just want to let everyone at Artistic Transfer know how much I appreciate your entire team! I am fully aware that through your business/marketing efforts, I was recently offered a commission to paint ten original works, soon to be installed in the historic Pittman Hotel in South Dallas.

The high quality of your "image capture" process and placement of my portfolio within your catalog made it possible for art collectors, interior designers and various art enthusiasts to review my work. This is a rare opportunity for me and it would not have been possible without Artistic Transfer"s network and business relationships.

Thank you sincerely,

Kevin Megison


 Artistic Transfer is taking my art career to the next level! Their prints are almost identical to my originals. Their services provide flexibility to create custom commissioned art, from my originals. The images can be printed in multiple sizes on canvas, metal, watercolor paper, acrylic or even wallpaper!  Any image can be expanded to the size of a billboard or used as a large mural without losing detail or color accuracy. I can increase the value of each print by adding embellishments with fresh paint to create a unique piece.

Every image is represented by Artistic Transfer on their website and store. They are connected with several industries, organizations, decorators, and individual collectors who invest in art. The group of artists represented in the gallery are established and talented artists. I am grateful to connect with this group, and acquire the tools to further expand my art opportunities!  

With gratitude,

Stephanie C. McLerran


  Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know. 

As an Artist that has been creating original, one of a kind, artwork for over 15 years, I have never been a believer in printing my artwork, but after doing a lot of research, I decided to give Artistic Transfer a chance to show me what they could do.

Discovering that the first print is the most valuable, I decided to purchase the first of each myself. Artistic Transfer exceeded my expectations. The print quality captured every aspect of the original, from the texture to the depth of colors. I am truly amazed by the reflection of my artwork that Artistic Transfer provided. I would encourage all artists to do the same and leave their mark on this world, the same way I plan to. 

I am excited to be a part of the Artistic Transfer family and even more excited to watch them grow and expand their network. 

Christina D Yielding


 The staff at Artistic Transfer have provided me with so many resources and guidance in developing my career as an artist that I now almost exclusively allow them to handle my artwork and prints. No other company has been able to give me the image quality for my reproductions to the level of satisfaction that Artistic Transfer has. Everytime I do business with them, I am always impressed by the level of care and customer service that they give every time I come in. 

David Yeung


I, Florentino Morales, am an artist represented by Artistic Transfer.  I also do custom work such as hand embellishing prints as needed. For every piece I’m commissioned for I get paid, I couldn’t be happier to work with them.  They always pay right after I finish and always keep me busy. 

 I’m very happy to be represented by this publishing company. The way they have marketed me and my work has been amazing so far. All of the giclees they have made for me of my own artwork have unbeatable image and print quality. 

Florentino Morales


 As an emerging artist it can be tough getting your art noticed and your foot in the door!  Enter Artistic Transfer, a family owned business with a family of artists. The staff are fantastic and they truly care about helping artist succeed.

Thank you for providing a great place for artists and art lovers to come together and share their passion for art. You have helped me reach an audience that I never thought possible!

 Jennifer McRorey

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