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Outside Sales Representative Position Needed

Unlike many sales job, this position at Artistic Transfer offers products and services that any creative sales person would be excited to wake up in the morning and dedicate passion and excitement for.

Here are three key problems we need solved that have unlimited growth and money making opportunities:

1. There are millions of artists that have not been able to make an identical copy of their original. Solved!

2. A majority of artists would rather leave the sales and marketing up to the professionals. We can help!

3. There are billions of empty walls in desperate need of fine art. Sky's the limit!

Our mission is to support the talented artists and interior decorators who are responsible for their creative impact on society as we provide quality products and services to uplift corporate, commercial, and residential atmospheres all over the world with fine art; we just act as the middle man. 

This position allows you to work closely with artists all the way up to a plethora of markets. Listed above were the three fundamental factors that we have built our business model around. We need passionate people who appreciate art, and would love to help millions of empty walls in desperate need of fine art.

Make it official. Apply now!

For more information on job description and benefits, please contact and let us know what area of the country you would like to apply for. You may submit your resume directly at:

We look forward to growing with you!

- Artistic Transfer Team

Sales Channels & Vertical Markets

Not Ready to Come Aboard Full Time?

Become a part-time sales representative with full-time flexibility to help colleagues find the art décor they need.