Element Rose Shares Deeper Portrait Meaning Inspiring Gallery Walls & Full Moon Intention |

Element Rose Shares Deeper Portrait Meaning Inspiring Gallery Walls & Full Moon Intention |

"Fallen Petals" by Element Rose

"This painting meant so much to me at the time I did it. In an unhealthy relationship, it was dedicated to my ex. She represents self abuse. The things you desire can often be the thing that destroys you. As her flowers fall and melt she is continually sprouting new life on the wooden horns that hold her blossoms. 
She is an albino wood nymph and is representative of desire, destruction, and reincarnation. Never let your desires be the things that allow you to destroy yourself."
- Element Rose

With the November 2020 full moon happening tonight, many artists and creatives alike are likely very aware of the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse arriving.

All woo woo beliefs aside, Element Rose's piece inspired the contents of this post as her deeply meaningful portrait represents how art can be a powerful symbolic reflection of the past and can be used as an intimate guide to future fulfillment.

More artists are practicing an amplified sense of self-awareness via praying or meditating around the full or new moon cycles to makeshift for fabulous exercises to fine tune our frequencies in a conscious effort to invite powerful energetic channels into orbit for the coming year! More specifically, greater opportunities for art sales, events, and so on!

As our bodies and planet are filed with 60%-70% water, the research relating to the gravitational force of ocean tides rising during a full or new moon is evident but other statistical increases in human behavior are far more subtle. Nonetheless, everything from hair or plants growing better, increase in childbirths, crime rates or higher returns on the stock exchange, there are arguable energetic increases. 

Furthermore, as a collective way to transition into the new year and foster positive transformations, flooding our hearts with gratitude first and foremost is essential. Secondly, taking a few minutes to fathom the power our own individual electromagnetic fields of energy offers. As 2020 has forced all of us to grow more resilient, “We need positive energy in everything in life, at home, at school, at work, and everywhere. Positive energy spreads happiness, makes our duties less hard, and helps us achieve more.
In the face of life challenges and hardships, we need positive energy to keep going, and we need people with positive energy to help those around them stand on their feet and overcome their difficulties.” 
 Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi

After all, happiness is a choice. The best solutions often come to us when we're calm. Similarly, to some people having more sensitivity to food allergies, medical professional and police enforcement personnel argue that there are spike in mania. Even as subtle as 5% increase, our argument is to become routinely aware of the best opportunity to restore inner balance back. 


Moreover, as seasons change throughout smooth rhythmic lunar sequences, nature's physical cycles that of weak branches breaking from strong trees or fallen petals wilting off of flowers that once stood tall - Mother Nature's coarse comes automatic - whereas mental changes of renewal takes conscious effort and repetition to grow and evolve.

In conclusion, you could say we've become moonstruck with Element Rose' "Fallen Petals." Not all artwork has a deeper meaning, but building a gallery wall with epic additions like this fill the wall with perfect puzzle pieces leaving you and your guests totally awestruck.

In essence, beautifying your home or office with paintings that represent life's vulnerable lessens, subconsciously remind you of all your inspiring experiences from pursuing passions, finding love, inner piece, and sacred gifts of life. Let the two places where you spend the most amount of your time, represent a apart of your journey and speak to you on an ongoing basis that connect your heart to your home.

Today or sometime this week, routinely empty any mental baggage that feels heavy or burdensome from all that has sucked this year and welcome wonderful unexpected opportunities, relationships, and so on.  

Complexities of life can best be beautified through the eyes of an artist who so vulnerably share hidden parts of the human soul - making art inexpressibly invaluable. It is said that art collectors often times don't always find an creative outlet to express their feelings in the way artists are driven to which is exactly why they opt to purchase works from an artist - an artist of whom they relate to a shared pleasant or painful experience they so artfully interpreted.

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Beautiful piece of art as well as this article. Perfect example of mental health through art.

Rima Lymouri

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