Collection: Stephanie C. McLerran

Stephanie Cavanaugh is a published artist who creates playful paintings, full of life that will warm your heart. While she was under the tutelage, of world renowned, Nguyen Tri Minh for over 14 years, he stretched her to design large-scaled landscapes and abstracts. Likened to Mary Poppins, her paintings invite you into her story; to step into an adventure of imagination. Her inspiration is derived from prayerful expectation, travels, fond memories and commissioned works as well. Motivated by a desire to see others become confidently creative, she leads art events, private lessons and taught art for six years at a private school. You can presently view her paintings at the Dallas World Trade Center. Her art spans across the United States in private and public collections. To collect a piece of Stephanie Cavanaugh's artwork is to enjoy extravagance poured out lavishly in enthusiastic color. All of your senses will be moved into a sanctuary, with an overflowing waterfall of rest.