Collection: Sarah Manning

Sarah is a Mississippi Gulf Coast native, who currently lives in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from University of Mississippi with a Bachelor Degree in art with an emphasis in graphic design. Sarah has been in the graphic design industry for eleven years, however painting remains her passion. 

Art has been a part of Sarah’s life from an early age. Her mother, who was an art teacher, introduced her to the paintbrush and it quickly became a life-long interest. The more Sarah focused on her design career, the less she picked up a paintbrush. Feeling trapped and creatively confined with the perimeters of the computer monitor, she slowly began to visit the canvas more often. Not only was painting Sarah’s source for a creative outlet, it also served as a starting point to self-discovery. Exploring the creative process of painting has proved very therapeutic to Sarah; it has given her clarity in every aspect of her life.

Using a masking technique with acrylic paint and mixed media is how she creates her paintings. Layers of rich vibrant color are used to illustrate her current state of mind. The rediscovery of Sarah’s passion has played an essential role in her development as an individual, artist and professional.