Collection: Ronnie Griffon

As an artist, my passion for exploration and creativity began during my years as a Kindergarten teacher. I believe in the power of exposing young minds to experiences that allow them to think beyond conventional boundaries, to discover new possibilities, and to express themselves freely. With this vision in mind, I encouraged my students to delve into the world of art, where they could explore a variety of mediums and techniques.

Painting, in particular, captured their senses and piqued their curiosities. It gave them the freedom to be messy, to express themselves boldly, and to discover the beauty of their own unique perspectives. As I watched their imaginations soar, I realized that I too had found my own artistic passion.

Today, I am thrilled to have discovered the world of Acrylic Fluid Art Pour Painting. The possibilities are endless, and the techniques are numerous. I love the challenge of experimenting with different methods and the unpredictable nature of this medium. It's a messy process, but the results are truly captivating.

As an artist, my goal is to continue to explore, create, and inspire others to think outside the box. Through my art, I hope to encourage others to embrace their own unique creativity, to break free from convention, and to discover the beauty in the messy and unpredictable nature of life.