Collection: O'Brian Jones

Emerging Fine Artist O’brian Jones has quickly caught the attention from collectors all over the world selling over 700 paintings before breaking the threshold of his thirties. In the last several years as he grew older, O'brian started to make decisions that would influence major changes to help shape his future. Although he loved his small hometown feeling of Grady, Arkansas, he was eager for a fresh start in a city not too far from home and decided to move to a place that always sparked his interest, Dallas, TX. 

Before O'brian's successful up and coming professional art career, he initially started his new corporate job in Dallas like many other millennials settling into the big city. O'brian didn't skip a beat after he quickly realized his entrepreneurial spirit would not allow him to stay in Corporate America for too long. At that point, Jones's priorities shifted and realized working the typical 9 to 5 was simply a stepping stone that would help him elevate to the next level. A few years later Jones took a leap of faith and decided to become his own boss by bringing his passion for art to life. “For me, art is a form of expression so I just started illustrating my visions and feeling onto a blank canvas.” After creating a few pieces, Jones decided to start showcasing his art on social media for the world to see; allowing him the freedom to build the life he was chasing after.


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