Collection: Melia Wright

My name is Melia, an artist in San Antonio, Texas. I have a passion for creating and bringing feelings to life through abstract painting. 

I am a self taught artist and instructor. My art is evolving as I do, as I explore playing with different mediums, such as alcohol inks, texture, and fluid acrylics.  Inspiration is pulled from my time traveling & being outside. Play is a big factor in my work. Many times, found outdoor material will even be used in my artwork as a form of texture or pigment!

My desire as an artist is to allow your imagination to play while looking at my work, and transform your space into somewhere that brings you joy and wonder when you look at your walls. Bring the nature inside! 

What's next for me? I really envision my artwork as giant installation pieces in large corporate settings or mural destinations. What does an artist with a big imagination do? Make big artwork!