Collection: Marlowe


“Bold, eye-popping visuals from the “pulp fiction” era of the 1930’s and 40’s. These mixed media dimensional collage artworks are created from ephemera dating from a bygone era…an era of excitement and over-the-top visuals and scenes. I layer these various elements and use hand-made paper as background texture. Then I raise the main image slightly off the canvas so that when any sidelight strikes the art, a natural caste shadow makes the art jump off the canvas.
Typography of the era completes the effect…overall a step back in time to an exciting, romantic period through my art.”



Marlowe was born in Florida to a mother with extraordinary artistic skills. He was greatly influenced by the vivid colors and textures of her Floridian art. He then continually defined his skills through his high school’s graphics programs.

While attending Ohio University, he studied graphic design and illustration with a talented group of professors who urged him to pursue commercial illustration. After receiving encouragement from his professors, he moved to New York City and found much success. His achievements include commissioned illustrations for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and Newsweek.

Marlowe then began illustrating children’s books. He eventually penned a Parent’s Choice award winner that was featured on the Today Show. Marlowe has illustrated over 100 magazines and book jackets, winning numerous illustration awards over the last 20 years. He currently resides near Wilmington, NC.