Collection: Lynn Freed

Lynn Freed had a desire to paint from earliest childhood and crayons were her medium of choice, but life's path took her many places before her debut into the fine art world. While raising a family she painted in oils and joined with the local art league to display her works at sidewalk shows. Some years later her painting went on the backburner while Lynn worked as a designer and fabricator of ornamental elements for fine restaurants, hotels, and casinos. The work encompassed original design, graphics, sculpting, art, and special artistic effects for signage, kiosks, plaques, logos, and architectural items.

Lynn has had some unusual experiences. After a challenge by her son to try skydiving, Lynn did just that."I only made three jumps, but the experience was incredible. I was on a high for weeks afterward." Lynn also worked for a time as a Hollywood extra. She worked on the set of "Matlock", the new "Adam 12", "Little White Lies" with Ann Jillian, and "Rhythm Nation" with Janet Jackson.

Lynn determined to return to painting and made her entrance into the fine art world doing Southwest themes in pastel.

”I had painted with oils for years, but wanted to try my hand with pastels. I bought a small box of pastels and some pastel paper and did a piece called 'The Rose'. It was such fun to do and so began my love affair with pastels."

The amount of detail she puts into her artwork is unsurpassed and her desert landscapes are magnificent. "I want others to see the beauty around us that I see. As an example, many people view the desert as barren and lifeless, but life and beauty do flourish even in this hostile environment. Through my art I hope to give the viewers an awareness that they never had; to enjoy seeing everything in a new way. I paint those things I love, and hope others will love them too."

Lynn had dreamed of an African safari from early childhood and in 1989 her dream became a reality. Choosing a custom itinerary instead of the normal tourist tour gave her the opportunity to view the animals in a more personal way.

"I didn't want to feel that I was on a tour bus going through a wildlife preserve. I wanted to get out into the bush with the animals. I achieved that by going to some of the more remote safari camps in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Places like these let you get out and walk among the animals. 

On one such outing, we came across a lion kill. You could hear the lions a few yards away on the other side of some brush. And there you are, on foot with only a camera and the nearest vehicle and safety miles away. It gets your blood pumping. You really feel like you are 'alive' and experiencing Africa the way it should be. 

Seeing wild dogs, a cheetah with cubs, rhinos, jackals, hyenas, and experience I will never forget."

After her trip to Africa, Lynn moved into Wildlife themes with the same exceptional detail. Every hair painstakingly rendered until the artwork is near photo quality. Get up close and personal with lions and zebras.

Today she paints in a variety of mediums, but enjoys pastels the best because they remind her of the crayons she used as a child.