Larry Solomon


After high school, Larry had the opportunity to study fine art in Paris, France. On his return to South Africa, he studied at the Johannesburg School of Art and began his career in graphic design and silk screening. Rising through the ranks of management, fine art took second place to other forms of creativity in the leadership of people.

In 2013, Larry decided to step down from his Executive position in Corporate America and invest time in his God-given talents to paint and sculpt.

Larry is a pragmatist- he loves art that serves a purpose and meets a client need. He enjoys the challenge of translating a client’s ideas or wishes into a painting or sculpture, and therefore welcomes opportunities to produce commissioned works.

A trainer and coach at heart, Larry loves to impart his skills to others, helping them realize their full artistic potential.

Inseparable Elephants - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Larry Solomon

Inseparable Elephants

From $155
Texas Sunset - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Larry Solomon

Texas Sunset

From $80
Palm Springs Desert - California - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Larry Solomon

Palm Springs Desert - California

From $115
Through the Storm - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Larry Solomon

Through the Storm

From $90