Collection: Kathy Elliott


My work parallels my life. Sometimes it begins with a plan and other times the process is untethered. I always embrace the unpredictability and work towards a resolution, a simple solution. Applied in many layers, experimentation, experience and questioning are a part of my process. Relationships exist between shapes, which may be people, textures derived from nature, and lines which could be words, equations, or figurative gestures. I always anticipate the unexpected as the painting develops and the elements of line, shape, texture and color interact, sometimes avoiding one another and sometimes balancing one another. The outside edges of the painting form an ambiguous boundary for whatever is contained within, similar to boundaries we encounter or create in life. For me, my work is play, a subtle puzzle to be completed, an ambiguous equation to be manipulated, a life of its own with each layer, mark or erasure. It is addition and subtraction, just another equation to be solved, or not!