Collection: Hollye Davis

It has been my goal to communicate through art in a way that speaks directly to the viewer. Inspired by the great impressionist from a young age, I wanted to capture an idea, that is my own, but could be viewed and interpreted differently by the viewer. For example, one piece I have completed recently is simply called "Rain". When people view the painting, they gave expressed many different ideas. Some see a wake, some see a religious moment, some identify with church, whereas I painted a depressing city scene on a cold day because that was what I was feeling. It gives me great joy when people spend time debating, feeling, discussing my paintings. 

I have spent years experimenting, studying, and reproducing different techniques until I finally let go and created a technique that requires the Texas sun, the right kind of paint and air to create a heavily textured and flowing style of painting. Within each painting, I carefully plan the realistic elements to transform a non-objective piece into a modern impressionistic piece that communicates the era, generation, and lifestyle of our time. 

It has only been very recent that I have opened myself and my art to public viewing. It is my hope that I bring joy to those who take one of my pieces and that I have touched a specific part of their hearts in my artwork. It is alway very challenging to expose my artwork to criticism or worse, nonchalance but when someone glows in appreciation, it is all worth it.