Collection: Don Matheson


New in Art
Abstract expressionists were very popular in the 1960’s. Colors, hard line, and abstract forms, have stuck with me all this time.

In about 2011, intersecting columns of color were interesting to me. One of my painting of these band of color reminded me of a painting that I had seen sometime in the past. In a review art history, a similarity of color and angles was found in Picasso’s Les Demoiselles des Avignon. Further review of art history allowed me to pick and choose works that I felt could be adapted to my style of abstraction.

That was the beginning of my first serious effort to make art. The developing series now includes some seventy-five plus works. These paintings represent a reinterpretation of classical art through geometric abstraction, color field, hard line, composition, and symbolism. 

 All art work is inspired from a work or style from the past. Picasso did over 30 reinterpretations of Las Meninas. Manet directly copied Raphael, who directly copied Michelangelo’s Adam, from The Sistine Chapel.  

 I do not believe the theory of my work has ever been done. That is, to select a particular historical art work, and then reinterpret the work through geometric abstraction, color field, composition. hard line and symbolism. Also, full credit is given the original through the title.         

-  Donald Matheson