Collection: Christina D Yielding

Painting is a passion of mine, that has grown from a hobby to my career but “Painting Live” gives me my inspiration and energy to be the Artist I am today.
I have been painting for about 15 years but have only considered myself an Artist for the last 5 years.
People always ask how I got where I am and if my parents were an influence on me. I believe not having any influences on my path has driven me to succeed, no matter how hard it would be.
Five years ago, I packed up my life in Dallas, put my belongings in storage and drove to Bourne, TX, near San Antonio, for the summer to help my aunt and uncle.
That summer I spent most of my days painting and dreaming about where I would like to be in 10 years. One day I was driving to get supplies and noticed people on the side of the road selling fruit. Cars were pulling over and buying the fruit, right there, on the side of the road, so I thought “I can do that with my art.”
I loaded up my truck with my art, paints and a single tarp. I headed back, drove 5 miles past the fruit people, pulled over, opened the trunk, grabbed my art, put my tarp on the ground with a blank board and started painting.
Before I knew it 6 or 7 cars pulled over, single file, and a small crowd of strangers were standing around watching. I will never forget the courage it took to do that all by myself and the inspiration I got from the people who had stopped.
Today, 5 years into the 10 year dream, I am right where I DREAMED I would be.
The real joy I get from my art is not selling it, it is creating it, while people stand around and watch. I get my energy from the crowd.
I paint solely on wood, no paint brushes; my technique is crafted using a variety of scrapers and I custom build each frame around every piece. The accomplishment I feel, that comes from the sweat and tears of cutting, nailing, and sanding each frame before the paint ever touches it, is too much to put into words.
Once the frames are built, I get to tune in and let the energy flow. My best work comes from painting live and meeting new people, who through my art become my clients and friends.
I am truly living my dream