Collection: Chad "ChatNilly" Nealy

Check out the ultimate diverse art series made by local Dallas artist Chad Nealy. All you see is not all you get with ChatNilly! Designers and Collectors can commission anything under the sun in his stunning contemporary or modern style. The vaste artistic exploration found in each of his pieces can transform the main social area focal points in your home, office or building. Slowly but surely we're building his AT collection as he manages to finish several commissions before the end of September. Buy your first ChatNilly limited edition gicleé or start your art commission before the holiday rush! It'll be here before you know it! DM for pricing!


The subjects of ChatNilly’s art are instantly identifiable. Tupac, Biggie, Lebron, Cash: all iconic influencers who need no introduction nor title.  With a thematic bent towards celebrity showstoppers in a fashion inspired by Warhol and the ever-elusive Banksy, Chat is quickly expanding his vision.  Until recently, his portfolio mostly consisted of pup commissions for friends and family; however, Chat was ready for more.
As he leapt into painting larger-than-life figures in his living room, he has embraced one pressing challenge: maintaining originality in creating imagery of the most photographed individuals in society.  Beyond the signature gold leaf and subtly expressive backgrounds, personality is key to Chat’s subjects.  He paints to move his subjects off the canvas as much as he wishes to draw you in.  With so many more heroes and legends to recreate, Chat is merely at the beginning of his art career.
Born in Abilene, Texas and raised in Star City, Arkansas, Chat is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  New to the Untitled Collective, he wants to express his immense gratitude for the opportunity to share his passion with so many, and most importantly appreciates the continuous support.  To say it has been a busy past 12 months for him would be an understatement, as he recently married his better half, Jenna, and together are ecstatically just had their first child in July.