Collection: Carol Acedo


Carol Acedo was born in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to North Carolina as a teenager, where she later attended N.C State University and earned a degree in Industrial Design. She has now settled in Fort Worth, Texas and specializes in designing lighting fixtures for various manufacturers. Her creative ambitions carry over to her love of art that she has expressed throughout her career.

Carol is best known for her unique method of painting in which she applies acrylic paint onto raw canvas that is prepared with a clear gesso. This method produces a soft, light absorbing, matte surface not common to most paintings.

Most of her works are monochromatic while others have color layered on top of a monochromatic underpainting. Animals, architecture, and musicians are common subjects in her artwork. Many of her portraits of Jazz /Blues Musicians and other subjects can be found in coffee shops and private collections all around the country. Her Western-themed artwork can be found in both galleries and exhibitions in Texas and Oklahoma.


I find such beauty in all of creation by God and by man. I strive to capture the unique character of my subjects, whether they are animals, people, landscapes, or architecture. My compositions have a “stillness” that invites the viewer to see the majestic beauty of an animal and the intelligence in its eyes, or the aesthetic design of a building and the remarkable skill of the builder. My artwork has been described as “peaceful” and my subjects as “glorified”.

I mostly work on a large scale, painting with acrylic paint on raw unbleached canvas that I cover with a clear gesso to allow the natural canvas color and texture to show through. I often use a monochromatic palette, working from dark to light values, with my lightest values being the raw canvas. This method gives my artwork warmth, a soft, textured matte surface, and a simplicity that lets the subject have center stage.

My joy and purpose is fulfilled in creating, and I hope those who view my art find joy in it too.