Collection: Caleb Rubright

Caleb Rubright is an exciting artist working in a broad range of mediums including Acrylics, Watercolor, and Mixed Media. He hails from Rochester NY, and is the artist behind Gray Ghost Art & Design.  Caleb’s interest in art began at an early age when he attended his first outdoor art festival.  He was absolutely mesmerized by the thought of creating his own artwork.  He obtained his A.S. in Fine Arts from Monroe Community College in Brighton NY., and continued his education in private classes at The Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester.   While his career as an artist spans several decades, his professional career began in earnest in 2014.

            Caleb has had his artwork displayed in several galleries in the Rochester area.  Most recently he had a small collection of works hanging in “Outside the Box Gallery” in Fairport NY.  Caleb has also displayed works at several local coffee shops in the Rochester area. He has also recently participated in a live painting event where his work entitled “Embrace Our Differences” was completed, and auctioned off for charity during the event.  He has also had the honor of teaching painting classes for professional development in his local area.

            Caleb’s most recent showing was at the Mercer Gallery in Rochester in conjunction with “The Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project”.    The purpose is to shed light on the Holocaust and other genocides in order to inspire people to become advocates for Human Rights. He also exhibits at summer festivals locally including the M&T Bank Clothesline Festival at The Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester.  He is currently working with local realtors to create bespoke pieces for real estate investors. His plan for the future is to continue to grow his regional influence and create the vibrant, colorful works of art that have become his stylistic signature.