Collection: Beverly Parson White

University of North Texas - BFA

Beverly Parson White is an internationally collected artist. 

Beverly received her first set of oils at the age of 7. Her grandmother was a gifted painter and her mother painted as well. All she was told was how to mix the paint properly and that she would ‘figure out the rest’. A young Bev fell in love. She entered the State Fair and had work in her first show at the original Lakewood Library. Bev worked in the neighborhood hobby store for art supplies and started selling work in junior high school. She loved nothing more that to spend hours in her grandmother’s studio or at White Rock Lake with her painting. She has always loved the process and the paint. To this day she still loves it with the same intensity. 

Beverly attended North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting in 1987.

“I paint the reality of the world as I see it - it’s beauty for the most part, as I have come to realize the world is, in many ways, too real for me so I escape to my portraits, animals, skies, landscapes and waterscapes....they strengthen and heal me. I work mainly in oil, pastels and graphite but do venture into fun things like scratchboard and colored pencils. I paint mostly on canvas but love to draw, paint on glass and create murals. I will paint on anything.”

Bev has taught private classes off and on for years. If you want to learn to make a painting in an hour or two, she is not your woman, but if you want to learn to view the world differently and how to capture that vision in various mediums Bev is for you! “I believe I can teach anyone to draw that wants to learn (a classical approach) - I can give you the tools - the vision and creativity must come from you.”

Beverly has been an advocate for children with type 1 diabetes for many years. She has helped with 504 plans for children all over the country using the knowledge she gained from battling with school districts for her own daughter until she started homeschooling. She has also been active in the Chiari community since both of her children were diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation 1. She, herself, has Multiple Sclerosis but continues to educate on type 1 diabetes and Arnold Chiari Malformation 1.

She currently serves as Commissioner of Senior Affairs, District 9, City of Dallas. 

The artist resides close to her roots in East Dallas with her a menagerie of dogs, cats, and a bird.