Art Money

How to Get Started with ArtMoney

10 payments. 10 months. No interest.
Apply online and get approved in real-time. Soft inquiry will not affect your credit score. ArtMoney is currently only available to individuals, and does not cover companies, partnerships, corporations or any other institutions. Visit to start the application process now.
1. Sign Up for an Account

Go to and click "Get Started". Enter in your personal and financial information and get approved in real-time.
2. Make a Purchase & Put Down a Deposit

Set up an order with Artistic Transfer and receive your final invoice. Put down your initial 10% deposit to get the order started.
3. Submit your Invoice to ArtMoney

Once logged into, click "Buy Artwork" , enter your invoice information: the price including tax amount, the deposit paid, and then link the purchase to Artistic Transfer.
4. Receive Your Artwork

Artistic Transfer will receive the full amount from ArtMoney within 10 days and your order will be released to you.
5. Make Your Next Payment in 30 Days

Begin making monthly payments to ArtMoney completely interest free!