Old About

Artistic Transfer, LLC is rapidly gaining momentum in the fine art arena and redefining the Fine Art industry standards. Our one stop powerhouse has the forward-thinking perspective needed to solve old problems that have plagued artists from the advent of a paint brush. Delving into uncharted technological territories, we bring new methodologies and solutions to improve and set newfound ways to accomplish things in the Fine Art arena. First and foremost, we redefined Image Capture by developing a system that records the full gamut of colors, metallic colors, detail and size upgradability that no other camera or scanner can compete. We go all the way down to the Red, Green, and Blue pixels, separately and individually, recording each one of them 16 to 20 times. Creating 20 layers, then they are processed for accurate color fidelity and ability to enlarge the image ten times or more without any loss. We did the same for printing. On canvas, acrylic, metal and paper. We bring museum quality art viewing into your home and business.
After accumulating a large database of talented artists from all over the world, we developed a publishing division second to none. We specialize in working with galleries, museums, interior and design decorators, hotels, and many other vertical markets, supplying them with the finest, high quality and price competitive product. Our full time sales team, constantly seeks out buyers daily. We take the marketing headaches away from the artists and leave them to be artist creating new master pieces for us to sell. 
Our artwork database caters to a wide-range of commercial clients and the selection process is based on choosing art that makes you feel good; creating that happy hormone called “oxytocin”. The inducing chemical that artwork sparks subliminally transforms the mood and energy in all social atmospheres. As a result, our publishing division is driven to enhance wall spaces worldwide with artwork that can stimulate people in positive ways.
Lastly, we stay-up-to-date with all the Fine Art laws and assist artist in maintaining provenance and staying legal and protected.  
For a better understanding of our museum-quality limited editions, please click on the link to read Artistic Transfer Considerations.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to redefine the Fine Art standards by advancing our technological breakthroughs for artist gicleés, add various levels of provenance and protection for artists to appreciate value over time, and offering superior advantages to art collectors who invest in fine art across the globe.