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Warm coastal waterways and a rich blend of cultures hold a special place in my heart, inspiring unique perspectives not commonly portrayed. As a native of the Texas coast, I am often inspired by the coexistence and contrast of nature among industrial, man-made structures. As both elements affect one another, this contrast has inspired me time and time again to deliver unique perspectives not commonly portrayed in today’s fast-paced society. We live our lives at such a fast pace that many of the unique aspects of the natural world will disappear from our minds, therefore creating a form of pre-extinction. It is my hope to keep these unique perspectives and moments in time alive for an audience in need of natural connections, and a reminder of the effects that each has on the other.

Some of the things that inspire my creations:
Wind • Water • Iron • Industrial Structures • Natural Structures • Botanical Structures

Some my works are currently on display at Gallery 555/Dallas World Trade Center/Artistic Transfer and David Mitchel Studios of Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Style & Design
Charleston Style & Design

Shows & Exhibitions, Live Painting Events:
January 2022 Market -Dallas World Trade Center/Feizy Rugs
April 2022 Dallas International Guitar Festival
June 2022 Home and Gift Market -Dallas World Trade Center
January 2021 World Market - Dallas World Trade Center
June 2022 Total Home and Gift Market -Dallas World Trade Center
June 2021 Total Home and Gift Market -Dallas World Trade Center
WESA 2021 (Western English Apparel & Equipment Trade Show)
Mother's Day Extravaganza 2021 - Artistic Transfer/Dallas World Trade Center
2021 Art idol - Artistic Transfer/Dallas World Trade Center
2020 Flowers Art Competition - Art Gallery Inc. (3rd place, "Depths of My Soul")
2020 Art Dazzle - Dallas World Trade Center "Epic Love" event/Artistic Transfer
2019 Art Idol & Jane Seymour Exhibit Finale /Dallas World Trade Center

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