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Reprinted with permission from Dallas Style & Design Magazine

The team at Artistic Transfer is on a mission. While it pronounces that the company’s primary purpose is to represent artists giving them the widest possible market through the preservation of their art and the production of high-quality giclée reproductions, the Dallas-based company is quietly revolutionizing the way fine art is recreated elevating the realm of possibilities for not only artists but for interior designers and home-and business-owners to create high-quality custom works. The by-product of their brilliance capturing images with an innovative technology opens a wide world brimming with color, creativity and infinite options to enjoy fine art.

Acclaimed artist Victoria Moore, whose work is part of collections at The Smithsonian and National Air & Space Museum, has been working with the Artistic Transfer team for over a dozen years. ”Artistic Transfer's enthusiasm and support for their creative technology and the artists they serve is contagious. The ability to support the design community with custom solutions in color, size and substrate options opens the options for artists to collaborate with designers to achieve unique outcomes for their clients,” notes Moore.

Over one hundred artists across every creative genre are part of Artistic Transfer’s portfolio. Through its market research, Artistic Transfer translates the preferences of interior designers and the commercial sector to cherry pick artists who have high quality and high standards such as Moore whose numerous accolades include a commission of President Ronald Reagan in 1986. “The talent at Artistic Transfer offers a bridge between the artist and designer. Artistic Transfer not only offers the artist reproductions their originals in the form of limited editions, they also enhance the artist's opportunities to expand their vision by working with designers and decorators to create custom visual experiences for their clients,” says Moore.

Dallas abstract artist Julia Ross notes that her partnership with Artistic Transfer has been a great inspiration and value. “Artistic Transfer enables designers to connect with the artist to curate the space envisioned for residential or commercial designs. In collaboration with Artistic Transfer, I am working with design showrooms in The World Trade Center on commissioned art pieces as large as a 72 x 109 sofa sized original and limited edition artwork!” exclaims Ross.

By using cutting-edge digital imaging technology, Artistic Transfer captures the full spectrum of color, light and shadow in a way that accurately reproduces the richness, texture and depth of original paintings, creating beautiful works of any size and dimension—from postcard size to billboard size—with unequaled image fidelity and precision. Its exclusive image capture technology reproduces and even enlarges artwork to any size with little to no loss of resolution, and the customization options it offers are unlimited.

Using American-made archival-quality materials, Artistic Transfer creates prints on canvas, paper, metal, acrylic and commercial-grade wallpaper. Such high quality ensures that the finished work will resist fading and discoloration for more than 200 years when used under recommended lighting conditions—and that level of excellence also adds to the value. The Artistic Transfer pro-value proposition is that its prints retain their value over time and often appreciate in value from the time they are purchased. Creating stunning quality and value has cemented a unique market niche for the cutting-edge company. The technology was created to solve three specific problems encountered when reproducing works of fine art: capturing the spectrum of colors, working with metallic colors such as gold and silver and enlarging the image while maintaining quality and integrity.

Throughout the years Artistic Transfer has perfected its technology to solve these problems. “With our proprietary technology, we’re able to record the full gamut of colors that are difficult to reproduce, allow us to reproduce metallic colors like gold and silver, and allow us to enlarge the image more than ten times without losing any color or detail fidelity whatsoever,” notes says David Yangco, represented artist and managing partner at Artistic Transfer.

Clients find inspiration by leafing through the Artistic Transfer curated catalog which showcases the works of over 100 artists. When the founder of Nylo Hotel sold his stake in the company and went on to launch a new hotel, the Pittman Hotel in Deep Ellum, he reached out to the Artistic Transfer team. “He was familiar with our work and had helped us navigate the vetting process to become an official, certified vendor for the hospitality industry. After visiting our showroom and combing through our catalog, he ended up working with us commissioning a new collection of ten original framed abstracts from one of our artists, which have been up on display since its opening earlier this year,” notes Yangco.

“The team at Artistic Transfer is extremely gracious and bends over backward to accommodate your needs,” says artist Stephanie McClerran who is currently working on a commissioned piece for a designer’s residence. The work will feature a golf course that is special to the designer’s family in an impressionist landscape. The Artistic Transfer process will capture the image and allow the designer to tweak colors and size specifications if needed. Along with being flexible and a joy to work with McClerran applauds the team for their visionary thinking noting that they can transfer images onto wallpaper, fabrics and a variety of media.

Photographer Leroy Roper was awed when he first saw Artistic Transfer’s huge canvases at a gallery and is working with the team to create images for the Leroy Roper Legacy Project. “I am so impressed with how the team at Artistic Transfer can increase the file without losing all the details,” says Roper. “I am astounded by their proprietary technology to create high-quality large format work with integrity.”

From a marketing perspective, Artistic Transfer provides quality and adds value to clients by maintaining the highest standards, adhering to fine arts compliance laws and staying on top of trends. “We provide quality by exclusively using US-made museum quality materials and ensuring our prints comply with the fine art laws that 99% of the artists don’t even know about,” says Yangco. “According to the Orphan Law, if the current owner of reproduction or original can not identify the artist and artwork by doing reasonable due diligence, they are legally allowed to make as many of their own reproductions as they please without violating the copyright, notes Yangco who notes that Artistic Transfer uses an optional chip developed in Australia that has all of the artwork’s information that is small enough to be invisible to the naked eye. Each chip has a unique DNA number that we register in a national database. The chip provides provenance and provides security and solves the problem of the orphan law.

Artistic Transfer has three showrooms in the World Trade Center in Dallas. Prior to the pandemic, they had a robust roster of live events including an event with actress Jane Seymour where they, and with the help of the World Trade Center, brought her art to a live event in Artistic Transfer’s showrooms. “Although the team cannot host major live events during this Corona virus pandemic, they can reach vertical markets through virtual events and promotion,” says Yangco.

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