What a joy it has been to see these historically sized canvases transform over the last couple weeks at the World Trade Center - Dallas in the third wave of COVID-19; essentially at the epicenter, you have created such bold and beautiful works of art that will be adorned on an enormous wall at a private residence or public space. 

Its mind boggling to know you painted with the exact same colors on the two paintings. In one respect, the 9 1/2 ft x 6 ft painting has such soft uses of texture blended with translucent colors subtly surfaced across the canvas whereas the 5 ft x 5 ft arrived at Artistic Transfer with a minimal movement of blue color and was deemed pas terminé and soon to be transformed with dense saturated intertwined layers and with the exact colors - both parallel in embodying an ethereal look and personality so-to-speak. Color theory is a careful and calculated exploration for artists, yet you seem to find such ease exploring both soft and saturated composition styles to show designers and collectors.



In lou of the multitude of first time experiences you've recently had as an artist, your tenacious artrepreneurialism and creative stamina certainly has been nothing short of courageous. As you've created a multitude of waves in the fine art world considering your record-breaking speed in accomplishments from winning art contests to showcasing your art collections in a plethora of prestigious fine art expeditions nationwide and solo shows, you have now painted on the largest canvas to date in addition to filming time lapse videos promoting the exciting process of these two paintings.

1. How did you come up with the name “Infinite Source” for the 9.5 ft by 6ft?

Expanding the realm beyond the physical world, the Infinite Source brings us love, beyond all comprehension we experience.
2. For most artists, painting on a size that big would be intimidating. How did you approach this painting differently to create the perfect balance in your composition
Composition of each piece begins with orientation of a focal point, building the work with a color palette to draw the viewer into the piece.  Given the soft use of color requested in this commission, texture enabled an increase in depth and focus.
3. What is the message in your meditation series that you wish to share with your fans or collectors?
I hope to extend the calm energy and peace I gain through the process of painting to the viewer and collectors of my work.
4. Of all the beaches that you’ve visited across the US which one inspires you most?
East Coast Sunrises, West Coast Sunsets and Central Texas Lakes are all sources of my work.  The experiences of recent visits to Santa Barbara, Santa Monika, Laguna Beach, La Jolla and Pacific Beach are bringing the bright colors to the Meditation Series, via such impactful life changing experiences. 
5. What energy do you channel in your paint process?
Art Angels are with me, no doubt I channel Spirit that shows up physically in some works.   I believe artists from the other side still have a few things to say.   
6. Do you enter a euphoric state similar to a "runners high" when you paint?
Time flies while painting.  At times, I have painted all day before looking up to see the sun going down.  
7. When did you experience the most euphoric state painting and which art piece was it?
Following meditation, my best works evolve through the assistance of Spirit.  
8. As a rising renowned abstract artist, when do you feel like a painting is done?
A painting is done when the artist believes it communicates to the viewer what is intended.  I may place works in galleries, or online for sale, bringing them back to the studio to extend the painting or rework the piece - until I believe the piece extends an intended energy to the viewer.
9. What does your biggest goal as an artist look like in 2021?
It is my goal to create a new definition of calm for each viewer of my work.  In the midst of such an unprecedented year, painting bring me a calm energy, embodying the first breath taken in a step on the beach and warm breeze flowing through your hair, smiles playing in the waves and the grounding feeling of feet in smooth sand.  I hope to extend this aura to others.  

Writer: Lillian Powell

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