Artistic Transfer, LLC Kicks Off Strategic Partnership with Vida World Art, LLC Producing Signed & Numbered Limited Editions of NFL Dallas Cowboys Painted by Colombian Artists

Artistic Transfer, LLC has started a new strategic partnership with Vida World Art, LLC - a family owned fine art agency based in Dallas established in 2006. With a family background based in Colombia, they have traveled throughout various parts of South America to meet with sensational painters all over the country - many of which need opportunities and historically influential commissioned art projects. 

Over the last decade, Vida World Art, LLC has cultivated relationships with a multitude of figures from Fortune 500 brands and expanded representation to over sixty of Colombia’s brilliant painters in the United States. Many of the artists are either well studied; some have taught in various Universities throughout Colombia or already established in their country, known in Europe and Latin America. Together, Vida World Art, LLC and Artistic Transfer, LLC hope to bring that same recognition to the United States.

Artistic Transfer, LLC was tactically chosen to produce the official signed and certified limited editions giclée of Dallas Cowboy NFL Hall of Famers, Roger Staubach and Bob Lilly.

Signed Limited Editions of Bob Lilly and Roger Staubach by Artistic Transfer, LLC


The vibrant South American palette and technique from Nelson Ortega Toscana and Bernardo Rios has been well received by Staubach and Lilly. Both players have signed each limited edition with a special added note inscribed in a silver marker. Fans and art collectors can order these colorful paintings perfect for an office or game room to invite great conversation starters reminiscing various influential NFL legends, Super Bowl highlights, championships, and accreditations on and off the field.

Specifications for the official limited editions:

  • Canvas Giclées Made in the USA.
  • In compliance with Fine Art Laws.
  • Issued with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • signed and numbered by each player.
  • Additional provenance printed on the back.
  • Produced on museum quality canvas
  • UV protected archival inks for longevity and durability

Limited Editions are sold un-stretched | Collectors can opt to:

  • Gallery wrap on 1.5” stretcher bars (float frame options available)
  • standard 3.4" frame and Choose from 1000’s of custom framing options

For pricing inquiries:

  • Call 512-253-4421
  • Email
  • Use our chat to the right!

    Vida World Art, LLC by Artistic Transfer, LLC


    A Message from the President of Vida World Art, LLC, David Lozano: 

    Vida World Art, LLC is a family-owned artist representative agency based in Dallas, Texas.

    Our agency was established in 2006 and consists of my wonderful and beautiful wife, myself, and family in Colombia.

    The purpose for our agency is to bring art lovers and some of the most talented artists from Colombia, S.A. together.

    Many of our artists are already established in their country, known in Europe and Latin America. We hope that we can bring that same recognition to the United States.

    Many of our artists are well studied, and some have taught in many Universities throughout Colombia. They have exhibited throughout Latin America, Europe and some in the United States. 

    I personally spent many months and traveling thousands of miles throughout Colombia seeking the artists we represent. For Vicky and I this is a mission and a labor of love, we want to show people throughout the world the talent and love that comes from Colombia.

    These artists have truly been blessed to create with ease what they feel and see.

    They have spoken to me of their dreams, influences, and the special meaning of each painting. 

    We represent over 45 artists that create from every media and style imaginable. In my searches I have found artists that would never have been known because of the remote places they live.

    Every one of these are artists are incredibly special to us and we have formed unbreakable bonds. The relationship we have with them is one of trust, understanding and care. Countless times they have thanked us for finding and helping them, but we are truly the ones that are thankful and blessed for knowing such people.

    We hope you enjoy the art by these blessed individuals and allow us to bring their works into your home. All our paintings are signed originals and come with certificates of authenticity. We hope that we can match you with that special work of art and earn your trust.

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