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Stephan & Pamela Hackley


 Stephan Hackley's artwork



Congratulations Feizy for winning Dallas Market's Best Visual Presentation! 



Reprinted with permission from Floor Covering Weekly article dated January 15, 2021

More photos of all the artists who painted live within the World Trade Center!

This January held the largest and most anticipated Total Home and Gift market of the season. Buyers and decorators poured in from across the country to the Dallas Market Center to order the latest top luxury products for their designer boutique stores and private clientele. To stay above the competition, Feizy featured live Artistic Transfer artists in their showroom at the entrance of the Dallas World Trade Center.

Feizy Rugs is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers and innovators of fine rugs in the world since its opening 47 years ago and is one of the very first showrooms visitors see at the Dallas World World Trade Center. Once Artistic Transfer set up spaces for our artists to paint live, they all jumped at the opportunity to come up with new abstracts and other subject matter that would pair with Feizy’s designer rug collections or possibly become an inspiration for a rug design in itself! Artists like Stephan Hackley, floral and metallic foil specialist, Karla Ceballos, live portrait artist and ceramic creator, and Joseph Raymond, acclaimed artist and muralist who has his own gallery in Texarkana, AR, and many more!

Amongst the thousands of buyers who poured through World Trade Center during the market, our artists entertained a constant crowd of curious customers. Many of whom ordered special commissions and purchased their artwork hosted at our own Artistic Transfer showroom on the fifth floor. With the amount of sales our artists generated and the increased customer traffic, this event marks our successful collaboration and the start of many more marketing opportunities involving Artistic Transfer, our artists, and Feizy rugs. Special thanks to our new Director of Business Development, David Langley, and Feizy’s Brand Manager, Leighton Lloyd for making this possible!

Deborah Cooper


Charlie Smith


Joseph Raymond


Lauren Armstrong 


Ken Caperton

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