One of Artistic Transfer’s unique success stories comes in the form of internationally renowned fantasy painter and photographer Leroy Roper. A Texas native, Leroy has been a professional artist for over 30 years, opening his Dallas design studio in 1983. Leroy’s one of a kind art signature style involves hand-painted backdrops, body painting, and no use of computer assisted post production whatsoever.

The collaboration between Leroy and Artistic Transfer began as Leroy had no means of enlarging his photography and artwork beyond standard 8x10 prints; his digital originals going back decades were not suited for high resolution printing. Within 24 hours of posting his first ever 30x40 print on his website and social media, Leroy received dozens of inquiries from all of his past clients going back decades about getting enlargements of their past work. To date, Artistic Transfer has helped Leroy reconnect with dozens of his previous customers and opened up new streams of revenue that were previously not possible.

In Leroy’s own words:

“ My works are internationally known as Portraits of the Soul, meaning l speak to my clients, models and subjects about what's happening in their lives and then interpret those current emotions through my world hand painted backgrounds, body art and photography. It's like taking a page out of the diary of your life and turning it into a fairytale. After 33 years I am currently putting together my Art Of Leroy Roper Legacy Series and Artistic Transfer has amazed me with their assistance, quality of the image capture, as well as their publishing capabilities…

It is a pure joy to bring my Legacy Series to fruition with the help of your wonderful team at Artistic Transfer. I love working with your publishing house. This has been over 30 years in the making and the quality of Artistic Transfer’s work is Exquisite. I have many happy models and clients due your impeccable printing of my large format canvases. I couldn't be happier myself. Thank you for your wonderful work, attention to detail, kind words and truly kind hearts."

Artistic Transfer is grateful for the opportunity for working with such a veteran artist and creative pioneer, and is planning future events to promote Leroy and his work.


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