Image Capture and Printing



Traditional image capture limitations and color management printing challenges that have plagued the industry for decades have been resolved with our proprietary technology.


Proprietary methodologies capture every color, pixel and digital DNA of the original artwork which is considered one of the most sophisticated and unique approaches in the world.


Our technology has addressed and perfected the myriad of complex issues and has provided clone-like consistency in reproductions. Minimizing color management and profiling, we provide a solution that ensures the highest level of color fidelity and texture retention.



Virtually no size limitations.
Now artists can see their original works in a smaller or larger edition size!


Clone-like consistency and detail.
Artists can't distinguish the difference between their originals and our limited edition reproductions.


Faded or damaged original? No problem.
Older paintings can be restored back to their original look by the use of our proprietary technology.


Hold on to precious pieces you don't want to sell.
Many artists have several pieces that they would rather keep. Make limited editions to share with your art collectors that would love and admire that piece too.


Create limited originals.
Don't waste time creating the same piece for a commission! Print a small edition size of limited editions and add overpaint as this adds texture and increases value.

Solution for damaged, lost, or stolen art.
Artistic Transfer backs up all image captures of original images in the event there is a need to replace a limited edition with our standard published printing cost.



Fine art, Interior Design and Corporate Décor Printing

We offer the ultimate in photographic printing capabilities that are unrivaled in the industry utilizing only museum-grade materials.

Our photography services, state-of-the art-studio and printing caters to artists, photographers, galleries, collectors and publishers who have applauded the quality and detail of the limited editions produced when our proprietary technology is utilized to fabricate their editions.

The ability to print on high quality canvases, fine art watercolor papers, laminate images on museum quality acrylics and metals, combined with color editing and the ability to print large scale, will meet the needs of the most demanding projects.

Increase the value, unique look, feel, and longevity of your art. Printing on museum-grade materials is the current technology which offers long-term protected exposure for personal, business or PROFESSIONAL artwork and other applications.




The Classic Choice for limited edition giclees. No more color-changing, fading, or wear and tear... at least during our lifetime. Our variety of canvas has been rated for over 100 years.
Depending on your artwork, our canvas selection includes:





The Ultra-Elegant Choice to impress. We print on metallic paper utilizing enhanced optical adhesive to bond an image to the acrylic.
Our process preserves the richness in color in addition to a crystal clear way to display detail. Acrylic thickness can range in depths between 1/4" to 2".

Lighting options NOW AVAILABLE!



The Superior Choice for longevity and durability. Our print technology has two process for metal to provide our artists more options and flexibility.
Process 1: We print directly on the metal and can choose a variety of laminates and coating that include:
Process 2: We print on a special transfer paper that heat-presses the inks down into the metal panel rending a virtually indestructible high-gloss and ultra-detailed artwork.





Our printing process and high quality materials have eliminated metamerism issues and other various sunlight discoloration problems over time.

Please check with us for detailed specifications.