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Buy Buttons make it easier for your customers to purchase your limited edition giclee's directly from your website! Not sure what the buy button will look like? Click the link below for an example!

Buy Buttons will be made to closely follow the theme of your website. Contact us to get your personalized Buy Button today!

Our representation with our artists starts by educating them

Marketing yourself is a major task taking lots time and money. Understand your options first then let us help you make your next move in your career as an artist!

Experts say: Make the investment in your art supplies.

At Artistic Transfer,  we only use the museum grade inks, print medias, and heavy duty stretcher bars for longevity and durability. Furthermore, our professional artists insist to use high-quality materials for their originals so when limited editions sell out, their original looks as grand as the day they finished creating it and the value appreciates 10x. . Budget wisely, invest spending the extra money on art materials and supplies that makes all the difference.

Importance of registering your art when you start selling in large volume.

Protecting your art is serious business. Don't let your artwork be vulnerable to pirates. Stay informed to understand your rights as an artist. 

For a breakdown of copyright process please read:

Artists need SEO too!

Take time to invest in SEO keywords and tags that describe the type of art and services you offer. Make it easier for collectors to find you!

Make your artwork bulletproof against bankruptcy!

Lets face it. Most artists are aloof to laws and unforeseen legal battles when selling and marketing their artwork. Read this article about UCC1 forms and the importance it plays in protecting you and your art.

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