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American Impressionist

Rome Milan, born in Fort Worth, Texas has drawn inspiration from his international travels to the Adriatic coasts of Italy and Croatia, the Aegean Islands of Greece and the coasts of France and Spain. The viewer is drawn into Milan’s colorful canvases through richly-textured palette knife application of paint and dramatic perspective which lend immediacy to scenes of gardens, villages and seasoned fishing vessels. Rome has over 25 years of art experience working in several mediums. Rome has representation in many fine art galleries across the United States.

Rome applies oil paints to canvas with a palette knife. This is a technique that has only recently surfaced as his main medium. He began his early interest in art with contour drawings with pencil as well as with pen and ink. Later Rome developed his eye for color while owning a silk screen business. Creativity comes naturally for Rome because of his lifelong involvement with the Sport of gymnastics. In gymnastics, the goal is to make difficult skills flow together with creative ease and leaving the audience inspired with the beauty of the composition. Rome finds that art is the same. After five years of collegiate gymnastics competition and an education from the University of Texas at Austin he obtained his Bachelor degree. It was then, that Rome turned his focus on world travels.

The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the quaint villages on the slopes of the land prove to be tranquil sites for Rome. These subjects make up many of his works. The relaxed atmospheres of his scenes are calming and appeal to investors as well as first time art buyers.

Sunflowers At Rest - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Rome Milan

Sunflowers At Rest

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Novigrad, Croatia - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Rome Milan

Novigrad, Croatia

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Fishing Boat Reflections - Artistic Transfer, LLC
Rome Milan

Fishing Boat Reflections

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