Collection: Joseph Raymond

Creating the beautiful and interesting is a passion of mine! As a skilled decorative painter and artisan of fine painted furnishings, accessories as well as walls in fine residences and businesses I have an eye for texture and color which led 'naturally' into being commissioned to produce several custom pieces of art for a client. The rest is history! A Southern California native of 30 years, I now reside with my family in The Four States area of Texarkana. Since 2013, between the many invitation-only solo Art shows per year as well as various other events, festival and exhibits I've been blessed to sell lots of artwork to decorate fine homes, establishments and firms throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Due to approximately half of my sales being from custom commissioned pieces, I've got quite a diverse portfolio of works to satisfy. I specialize in large, custom sized abstracts in deep gallery wrapped canvases with deep texture and movement and often lively, saturated colors. I employ the use of various plasters-including Venetian , emulsions, minerals, oxides, beeswax, verdigris, and rust as well as traditional glazes, acrylics, charcoal, chalk and other mixed media and a host of non-traditional tools as well as brushes and knives to achieve the desired effect. The experiment and learning is a never-ending joy! From the bold, dramatic contemporary statement pieces to subtle and calming modern landscapes, my desire is that my art will be able to capture a beautiful feeling, place, time or memory that will enhance your everyday every time it's glanced upon! Thanks for indulging me!