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Abstract art embodies a multitude of metaphorical meanings to the end viewer. Erryn McGrath'as symbolic looking lava painting called "Dragon Tales" is a serene style of organic shapes spreading in different directions. Erryn’s painting is not only beautiful but inspires philosophical depth in an artful way to remember to breathe, release stress in a positive way and allow our chi (life force) to spread in a multitude of positive directions no matter how much pressure the buildup consists of. 
Since ancient times Lava has been a vivid symbol. Blazing through Earth's old stomping grounds at 1,170° C to start over letting new life formations take shape. This mischief of nature has always been associated with fury, speed, and passion - representing a storm of emotions, violence of most diverse and complex feelings.⁠ ⁠


While most volcanoes are dormant or keeping their cool so-to-speak, similarly under the surface for us, we don't necessarily know when an explosion could happen or in essence when our blood is boiling beneath the surface to eventually erupt with/without warning signals or simply let off some steam. 

"Like a phoenix rising from the ashes; the best things in life are those that challenge you." - Erryn McGrath

Apart from Rx, a combination of breathe work, visualization or perhaps gazing at a painting could be surprisingly effective because it harnesses the power of our subconscious mind.

Using the powerful imagery of lava blasting from the Earth's core, Visualize (with or without physical movement) like a volcano releasing emotional elements shooting up and out into the atmosphere then breaking ground to create a new armor to coat and thicken your skin for future opportunities to grow and manifest higher levels of life experiences to flourish.

"Seeing the goal as already complete in your mind's eye – is a core technique used by the world's most successful people."- Jack Canfield ⁠

*Visit Youtube for insights on practicing Volcano Breathe to show friends and family.

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Erryn McGrath is not only an artist but an advocate who uses her creativity as a platform to raise awareness about Ocean Conservation efforts as she is an avid scuba diving instructor who travels the world. She is a mixed media artist who uses a mix of acrylic paint, alcohol inks, and/or resin. Now accepting commissions. Call or Visit Artistic Transfer showroom to schedule an appointment to meet with Erryn and collaborate with the art curation staff. 

Original Conceptual Size 16x20 Available for Purchase | Limited Edition Available 

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Written by: Lillian ⁠Powell

PSA: Take time to breathe in and blow out before you break down and blow up. Surround yourself with people who can have open conversations and paintings enriched with meaningful visual cues that both have calming and healing effects in your life.

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